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Looking for gently used baseball gear?


Here you will find items that are for sale or donation by other organization members. We will facilitate only by posting items, we will not guarantee the quality of items listed or negotiate on behalf of anyone.


Email to a picture of the items you would like to sell or donate and an email address where potental new owners can reach you. Please include as much information as you can about the item: year, size, weight, frequency of use, etc. 


Once item is gone it is up to the seller to communicate that with BABA for removal of the item from the website.


Happy shopping!

Gently used Louisville Slugger pitching machine.  $75


Contact: Carla at 816-213-2146

Easton Batting Helmet - never used. 






If interested send email:

Thank you for contacting BABA, we will respond to your correspondence as soon as possible.

Easton Senior sizing:

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